Body Scrubs made with love

Our skin is constantly faced with daily irritants. From buildup of dead skin cells, oil residue, changes to the weather, and even stress, there are many factors working against our skin’s natural radiance. Using body scrubs is a way to deal with it , a body scrub works to clear away dry and dead skin cells, leaving skin refreshed, brightened and so soft and smooth.

Being in the field of beauty cosmetic and skin care will make you feel much relaxed
Because as you take a shower and use body scrubs your skin will feel much smoother and you will smell amazing
And that will reflect on your mental health and make you feel more confident and pretty.
Knowing how to make your own scrubs will save you much money
There are a lot of YouTube channels that you can watch and learn from.

Some of the famous body scrubs shops in Kuwait

Bait alsabon allebnani
Kuwait shop
Body shop
And Organic.

Body scrubs types

There are a lot of types of scrubs the difference is in the smell

There is coffee scrub

Lavender scrub

Coconut scrub

And a lot more
And my own favorite one is the lavender.

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